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Rita Knott, Managing Director, International Female Board Pool Initiative


"We are a network of highly educated, board-active or board-ready women of the business community from many different industries and from both local and global organizations within six European countries.

The workshop about IT Security and Protection against Cyber risks for our (future) Board members, provided by Nadja El Fertasi from “Thrive with EQ” gave our members an in-depth knowledge and practical tools for this important topic. In particular, her approach to link emotional intelligence with Cybersecurity made the workshop a huge success with a significant business impact.

We gladly recommend the state-of the-art expertise and the highly professional approach of Nadja el Fertasi."

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“The biggest change for me is that I now totally accept it can happen. And that doesn't sound like much but trust me, there is a fundamental difference in approach between organisations that accept it could happen and those that think they can repel it. Because if you think you can repel it, you do what we did before the attack, which is you have no adequate plans in place as to what you're going to do."


CEO of a $4 billion European company, ISTARI & OXFORD Survey

Quick Emotional Firewalls Survey


of small and medium-sized enterprises shut down after cyberattacks. Can your business withstand this digital tempest?


is the average ransom paid to cybercriminals, twice the 2022 figure. Add to this $1.82M average in recovery costs. Are you ready to safeguard your assets?


of private sector companies have seen lost opportunities/revenue from ransomware. Don't let cyber threats chip away at your success.

European Cyber Security Organization (ECSO)

Arnaud de Vibraye


"On 29  June, ECSO's European HR community came together for the workshop "Attracting Cyber Talent: Bridging the Gap in Cybersecurity with Emotional Intelligence', where ECSO had the honour of welcoming Nadja El Fertasi, founder of Thrive with EQ, to share her expertise. With her rich understanding of cyber resilience and building emotional firewalls, Nadja provided the attendees with the knowledge and techniques to enhance their recruitment and retention strategies for cybersecurity roles using the EQ toolkit. With the help of the workshop, HR professionals can work towards a stronger cyber-resilient culture within their organisations."

Our 3-Step Proven System

High Preparedness

Cultivate a resilient workforce capable of adapting to and recovering from cyber incidents swiftly, minimizing impact and maintaining operational integrity.

High Resiliency

Empower your team with the knowledge and skills to anticipate and mitigate cyber threats, establishing a foundation of proactive vigilance and strategic foresight.


High Readiness

Ensure your organization is perpetually ready to respond to evolving cyber challenges, with a team trained to act decisively and effectively under any circumstance.


Denis Mercier

Deputy General Manager FIVES Group, former Supreme Allied Commander for Transformation, NATO (2015 – 2018)


"Nadja’s global vision and leadership in driving change is an inspiration for all who work with her. Through her excellent verbal and written communication skills, she has an innate ability to present complex strategic issues in an effective and concise manner. I highly recommend Nadja to any organization struggling with the challenges of workforce development."

 Our Emotional Resilience Roadmap


With heightened emotional self-awareness, business leaders and decision-makers can build tailored emotional resilience, strong in the face of cyber threats.


Clear communication  strategies when faced with pressure and uncertainty, building trust and reinforcing the emotional resilience across the organization.


Using emotional intelligence strategies to build strong relations with stakeholders,  strengthening overall emotional resilience by fostering collaboration, trust and unity.


Increase personal agility with emotional intelligence to ever-changing cyber threats with agile decision-making, developing flexible strategies that evolve with your business leadership.

Stress Management

Turning cyber challenges  into opportunities for growth, innovation and resilience through effective stress management strategies by using the emotional resilience toolkit.

3 Ways We Can Help You


Online Training Courses

Resilience against Ransomware

A glimpse of how to strengthen your emotional resilience strategies against ransomware threats. 

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Online Course for Fraud Prevention

Equip your Workforce with Emotional Firewalls Against Cyber Scams.

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Customized Online Courses for Fraud Prevention

Equip your workforce with customized training scenarios against online fraud and scams.

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Online Leadership Development


The CISO's Sanctuary

A Safe Space for CISO's to navigate their unique challenges in building healthy security cultures in the current cyber threat landscape.

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Empower Your Leadership

You can't turn everyone into a cyber warrior, but you can equip them with the emotional resilience tools against cyber threats. 

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Thrive in Leadership

Mastering Emotional Intelligence: Essential Leadership Skills for Navigating the Hybrid and Digital Working World.

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Executive Leadership Coaching

1:1 Executive Coaching for Governance Stakeholders

Steer your Businesses with Confidence & Clarity in the current challenging cyber landscape.

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1:1 Executive Coaching for C-Suite Leaders

Steer Your Organization with Emotional Resilience in the face of Cyber Threats

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1:1 Emergency Resilience Coaching for Executive Leaders

Fast-Track Your Emotional Resilience for facing Cyber Threats 

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Linda McDermott, Conference Director PMI Ireland


"We had the privilege of Nadja delivering a thought-provoking interactive session at our annual National Conference in Dublin on May 24th 2023. Nadja, a thought leader in cyber resilience and emotional firewalls, possesses a remarkable ability to connect with the audience—250 people, no less—and deliver powerful insights on communication, problem solving, and resilience in today's ever-changing digital landscape.  She artfully pulled everyone together toward a vision of emotional resilience and strength in the face of cyber challenges, building emotional firewalls that help us maintain our well-being in an interconnected world. If you are looking for a speaker who can educate, inspire, and empower your audience, Nadja will deliver not only that but more. With a rich understanding of cyber resilience and the ability to fortify emotional firewalls, she can instil the necessary skills and confidence in your audience to thrive in today's ever changing world."

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Who We Serve...

Small Businesses

Dynamic and Engaged

Small businesses with their agile structures seek to foster robust emotional resilience among their teams to navigate the digital landscape effectively.

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Strategic and Visionary

Corporates aiming to integrate emotional intelligence at the leadership level to enhance decision-making and cyber resilience.

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Committed and Service-Oriented

Government entities looking to protect public interests by incorporating emotional resilience into their cybersecurity policies and practices.

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Innovative and Agile

Start-ups integrate emotional resilience to shield against digital risks, ensuring agility and innovation remain unimpeded in the face of cyber threats.

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Compassionate and Resilient

Educational bodies cultivate emotional resilience, fortifying students and educators against digital threats and fostering a secure, empowered learning environment.

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Committed and Service-Oriented

NGOs embrace emotional resilience to protect their digital integrity, ensuring compassionate service continues securely amidst cyber challenges.

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Our Latest EQ Leadership Blogs

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Mastering Challenging Times through Emotional Intelligence


Over nearly two decades of experience in crisis management and security with the world's largest organization, NATO, I've honed my leadership skills to be razor-sharp. I've grappled with uncertainty, maintained effective communication under pressure, and creatively solved complex problems. During these challenging times, a leader's influence over mindset, dialogue, and behavior is paramount. My diverse experience across the civil-military sector, working with individuals from over 40 countries, uniquely positions me to guide my clients in building high-performing teams in the STEM industry. I'm equipped to help you steer through turbulent times and lead you towards success.

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