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I'm Nadja El Fertasi, and my journey in Brussels, Belgium, has enabled me to understand the importance of emotional intelligence in managing crises, particularly in the STEM sector. With over 20 years of experience at NATO, the world's leading security and crisis management organization, I've interacted with brilliant minds - scientists, engineers, IT professionals, academics, and cyber security experts from over 40 nationalities across the civil-military sector. Together, we developed strategic capability and technology programs that secured NATO's digital footprint across the transatlantic region.

However, the critical element that remained consistent throughout these varying projects was the vital role of leadership. I witnessed the transformative power of leaders with a high degree of emotional intelligence, who not only treated people as individuals rather than numbers but also turned adversity into opportunities. Conversely, I also experienced the consequences of poor leadership, where teams that once brimmed with potential diminished due to burnout, attrition, or severely reduced performance levels.

This led me to establish Thrive with EQ, an initiative aimed at building human resilience during challenging times by leveraging emotional intelligence. Drawing upon my vast experience and understanding of preparedness, resilience, and readiness at NATO, I have developed a three-step proven system that serves as an emotional firewall for organizations. This system hinges on the EQ-i 2.0 model's five core elements: Self-Perception, Self-Expression, Interpersonal, Decision Making, and Stress Management.

By integrating these competencies into the heart of your organization, we can build resilience, enhance risk mitigation and improve the overall capacity to respond effectively to disruptions, especially crucial in the age of rising cyber threats.

At Thrive with EQ, we are steadfast in our mission to emerge as the global leader in emotional intelligence, providing effective solutions to leadership challenges in cyber and digitization. My vision is to leave a legacy that will benefit future generations and foster workplaces that celebrate diverse perspectives and foster connection through emotional intelligence.

Apart from facilitating resilience and readiness strategies, I leverage the scientifically tested emotional intelligence model EQ-i 2.0 and the universally applied character strengths surveyed by the Values in Action Character Institute. I've trained with leading experts in the field and speak Dutch, English, French, and have a good understanding of Italian and German.

Notable achievements in my career include being an alumna of the 2018 German Marshall Fund Marshall Memorial Fellowship program, a postgraduate from the University of Cambridge in International Relations, and Co-Chair of the largest side event of the GLOBSEC 2019 Bratislava Forum. In November 2020, I led the regional cyber leadership approach webinars for the World Savings Banking Institute (WSBI), a global initiative partnered with organizations like Global Cyber Alliance (GCA) and Cyber Fin Project of the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace.

I invite you to join me in your journey of emotional intelligence with Thrive with EQ! Let's connect and together, let's create a resilient and emotionally intelligent future.

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Guiding Star of Resilience


At Thrive with EQ, we illuminate a path where resilience and emotional intelligence are the gold standard in crisis management, guiding businesses through storms in the sea of digital disruptions. Our mission: building emotional firewalls to fortify businesses against cyber threats and equip leaders with resilience. We aim to weave emotional intelligence into the fabric of cybersecurity, ensuring not just the protection of data, but also the continuity of your business in the face of adversity. In our vision, we're not merely safeguarding data; we're anchoring futures.

Our Core Values 


In a world of myriad choices, I anchor myself in compassion. Challenging times call for leadership that upholds humanity at its core, asserting that compassion is not a liability but a strength.


Leading in tumultuous times demands the bravery to uphold what's right, not necessarily what's convenient. It is bravery that allows us to confront uncertainty and persist amidst unsettling change.


Our pursuit is collaborative excellence with our clients, not just aiming for perfection. Together, we address your business performance dilemmas with our bespoke EQ toolkit.


Respected leaders radiate trust and admiration through their unwavering integrity. An emotionally astute leader stands by doing what is right, especially when faced with adversity.


The remedy to ambiguity is transparency. It is the bedrock upon which trust, credibility, and effective execution in our client relationships are built.


While we are committed to our mission, we don't forget to add a dash of light-heartedness. Our training is not only enriching but also enjoyable, ensuring our clients keep returning for more.

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