Transforming Cybersecurity Culture with Emotional Intelligence (EQ)

cyber security challenges use cases Feb 22, 2023

John is the Chief Information Officer of Galaxy Inc., a Fortune 500 ICT company. As the CIO, he is accountable for maintaining the company's technological competitiveness in a fast-paced and cut-throat industry. Despite the critical importance of cybersecurity in the digital age, John currently does not have a dedicated Chief Information Security Officer.

This means that he is also responsible for ensuring the company's cybersecurity posture, which adds to his already significant workload.


John's concerns and fears about cyber attacks and commercial espionage have become an immense burden, especially since his company is ill-prepared to recover from a potential ransomware attack. As the Chief Information Officer of a Fortune 500 ICT company, John is aware of the cybersecurity risks faced by the industry and the lucrative rewards cybercriminals stand to gain from breaching their systems. Despite his vast knowledge and experience, John has become disillusioned and pessimistic about the future of his company's cybersecurity.

At Thrive with EQ, we understand the importance of cybersecurity in the digital age and how emotional intelligence can drive cultural transformation in this area. By equipping John and his team with the necessary emotional intelligence skills, we can help them overcome their fears and pessimism about cybersecurity and develop a proactive approach towards mitigating the risks.


Driving Change through the Power of Emotional Intelligence


John realized that his lack of success in promoting a healthier security culture was due to his limited emotional intelligence skills. In particular, he scored below average in the areas of relationship building and engagement strategies, which are crucial for gaining buy-in from the board and peers.



Transforming Cyber Security Culture with Emotional Intelligence Toolkit


Initially, John was taken aback by his results and even questioned their validity, insisting on taking the survey again after a few weeks of intense pressure at work. However, when the results came back the same, he knew he needed to take action.

That's when we stepped in and organized bite-size workshops, along with simulated challenges specific to his company, and 1:1 coaching sessions to develop his personal EQ toolkit.

We focused on addressing one challenge at a time, recognizing that the people in John's company were experiencing change fatigue and too much information overload wouldn't be effective.

Through our approach, participants were able to break down silos and reduce organizational blindness, while also increasing empathy and alignment across cross-functional teams.

After five months, John retook the EQ leadership survey and was pleasantly surprised to find that his results had significantly improved.




John's new-found confidence and leadership skills enabled him to communicate more effectively with his board and peers. He developed an engagement strategy that empowered employees at all levels of the organization to take ownership of cyber security.

John realized that by integrating emotional intelligence into the company culture, he could build a more resilient and secure organization. He no longer felt alone in the battle against cyber threats.

If you're looking to enhance your own leadership skills and develop an emotional intelligence toolkit, book a discovery call with me and let's work together to create a healthier and more secure work environment.

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