The Power of Emotional Intelligence: Overcoming CISO Stress and Achieving Resilience

stress management Feb 23, 2023
CISO stress

Introducing Nathan, CISO at FinanceMedium Inc. Passionate about cyber security and protecting people's financial data, he thought his dream job had come true. However, in less than a year at the company, he feels drained due to the endless demands, expectations, controls, stakeholders, and insufficient resources.

  • Too many demands.
  • Too many expectations.
  • Too many controls.
  • Too many stakeholders.

But not enough resources...

Nathan's biggest pain points include the board and his peers' confusion between data security and information technology, the misconception that these two fields require interchangeable skills, and the pressure to innovate and create with limited resources. Additionally, Nathan believes his priority should be fighting cybercriminals, while the responsibility for cultural security programs lies with the HR department.

However, with the help of our emotional intelligence toolkit, Nathan was able to elevate his leadership skills and overcome his challenges, allowing him to focus on securing the bank's customers' financial data.

Nathan took a 360-degree leadership report to gain insight into how he is perceived by others and how he perceives himself. The results were surprising as there was a noticeable difference between his self-perception and how others viewed him.

360-degree assessments are an excellent tool for developing collaboration strategies as they highlight differences in perception.

Nathan used the results to develop a tailored stakeholder engagement and communication strategy, which included active listening and effective emotional communication with his peers and board members. By understanding and taking an interest in their perspectives, Nathan gained greater receptiveness from the board and peers to his pain points.

With the help of our World Cafe Exercise format, Nathan conducted brainstorming sessions to better understand the perspectives of cross-functional departments on driving security as a cultural change.

By leveraging his EQ leadership skills, Nathan developed strong partnerships with key board members, resulting in new resources and support for his business case within six months. He also transformed cyber security into a business risk and social responsibility within the company through effective influencing and networking strategies.

Within three months, Nathan's stress levels significantly decreased as he was able to manage his challenges head-on by combining his leadership skills with the EQ toolkit.


If you're a CISO like Nathan and feel overwhelmed by the demands and challenges of your role, our emotional intelligence toolkit can help you elevate your leadership skills, reduce your stress levels, and transform cyber security into a business risk and social responsibility within your company.

Book a discovery call with us today to learn more about how we can support you on your journey to becoming a more effective and confident leader. Our personalized coaching sessions, tailored stakeholder engagement strategies, and proven World Cafe Exercise format will empower you to drive change and achieve your desired outcomes!


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