Why the Human Factor is Fundamental in Minimizing the Pain of Cyber Crime

cyber security challenges Feb 17, 2023
financial cyber crime


In today's digital age, cyber breaches continue to plague societies, sectors, and organizations worldwide, causing widespread digital pain. With the rise of the hybrid workforce, cyber threats are evolving rapidly, and cybercriminals are increasingly exploiting the human vulnerability of remote or hybrid workers. Despite the investment in state-of-the-art technical firewalls, emotional firewalls cannot be managed or upgraded, and human error remains a significant risk to any organization's cyber threat profile.

The pain of change in trying to shift mindsets and behaviors towards better cyber hygiene can weigh heavily on STEM leaders. The visible cost of malicious cyber crime attacks is expected to reach over 10.5 trillion USD by 2025, with reputational damage, loss of trust, psychological effects on employees, disruption of business continuity, and regulatory sanctions being among the invisible costs.

Consider the scenario of a cyber crisis in the financial sector, where an anonymous cybercriminal group has hacked into the mobile payment gateway system app and hijacked thousands of user accounts. Despite blockchain technology being considered one of the most secure technologies, the CEO and Senior Management had underestimated the risk profile of end-to-end point vulnerability that came with it. The cybercriminals used social engineering techniques to steal user login credentials, causing a significant cyber breach and resulting in financial losses.

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