Your Passport to Building Cyber Resilience

with Emotional Intelligence aka Emotional Firewalls.


Master Uncertainty. Unleash EQ. Foster Digital Readiness.


Brace Resilience, Elevate EQ. Navigate Digital Disruptions with Poise.


Lead with EQ, Thrive in Disruption. Unleash Confidence in the Digital Era.

The Digital Pandemic:

Ransomware Attacks in Healthcare


A sample scenario of how a single cyber-attack can paralyze healthcare systems.


6+ Hours of Video Content

6+ hours of video content with foundational insights into building cyber Resilience through emotional intelligence

50+ Leadership Reflection Prompts 

Refine and Respond to: 50+  reflection prompts to strengthen your cyber resilient leadership skills.

Access Anytime, Anywhere

Stay Ready, Stay Resilient: Access your cyber resilience toolkit anytime, anywhere.

Start Building Executive Cyber Resilience Today


Explore the intersection of emotional intelligence and cybersecurity with our specialized course, 'Building Cyber Resilience with Emotional Intelligence.' Aimed at senior executives, the program focuses on integrating emotional intelligence into cyber resilience strategies. By engaging in real-world ransomware case studies and pondering over 50 targeted leadership questions, you'll gain the insights needed to construct what we term 'emotional firewalls.' This holistic approach prepares you to navigate the complexities of digital threats effectively while leading your organization with assuredness. Elevate your approach to cybersecurity by commencing your training in digital and emotional resilience.


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