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A Three-Part Workshop Series to Empower Your Emotional Firewalls Against Scammers.



Know the Scam, Secure Your Space

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Outsmart Scams, Navigate Safely.

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Stay Alert Today, Be Secure Tomorrow.

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You Can Turn Your Team's Resilience into Your Strongest Defense Against Social Engineering Scams

Learn how to construct robust emotional firewalls as your ultimate defense against social engineering scams through our 3-Step System of Preparedness, Resilience and Readiness.



The series of events will show you step-by-step how to use emotional intelligence strategies against cyber criminals trying to scam your teams.

Develop your InnerGuard

There's an urgent call for leaders who can navigate the shifting tides of cybersecurity and social engineering threats. In just one hour per session, you'll get the tools you need to be that leader.

Here's what each hour-long session includes:

  • Interactive Scenario: Engage in real-world challenges designed to test your preparedness, resilience, and readiness.

  • Personality-Designed Types: Scenarios are tailored to different personality types to provide a fully immersive experience.

  • Breakout Groups: Collaborate with peers to dissect scenarios, offering multiple viewpoints and solutions.

  • Reflection Time: A dedicated moment to internalize what you've learned and how to apply it in real-life situations.

By attending this three-part series, you'll learn how to recognize emotional triggers and gaps in your current security posture during the Preparedness session.


Friday 13 October, 60 minutes





Get ready for an hour that could change how you see cybersecurity.


The Phantom Vendor Scenario

Picture this: An invoice shows up in your inbox from a vendor you know, but something's off. The logo doesn't look quite right, and there's a message from a colleague saying it's urgent. What's your next move? Will you pay or pause? How do you validate the invoice's authenticity? What would you do if the relevant colleague is out of reach?


Learning Points:

  • Know Yourself: How well do you understand your own reactions?
  • Trust and Vigilance: How do we balance these in a digital world?
Friday 20 October, 60 minutes




Prepare for a transformative 60 minutes that could reshape your cybersecurity defenses.


The Deepfake Doppelgänger Scenario

Imagine you receive a voicemail. It's unmistakably your CEO's voice urgently instructing you to share sensitive project updates with what appears to be a trusted partner. Yet, something feels off. Will you share the information or step back to validate? Who is the first person you would consult within your organization? What would you ask them? How do you feel about challenging or doubting your CEO's direct request?


Learning Points

  • Authenticating the Authentic: How can you be sure you're really interacting with who you think you are?
  • Sift Through the Noise: Understanding how to mentally filter urgency and stress to make a grounded decision.
Friday 27 October, 60 minutes




Prepare for a gripping hour that will put your entire organization's resilience to the test.


The Nightmare Chatbot Scenario

A chatbot integral to your customer service starts sending panic-inducing emails to your client base, warning them of non-existent data breaches and urging immediate action. Your customer-facing teams are flooded with concerned calls and emails. IT is swamped, trying to regain control. Your CEO is furious, as this threatens your company's reputation, and the board wants answers. What do you do first?


Learning Points

  • Crisis Communication: How effective is your internal dialogue in the face of reputation-damaging events?
  • Multi-Departmental Cohesion: Can Marketing, IT, and Customer Service work in sync under severe stress?
Cybersecurity Awareness Month Special


Our simulation-based experiences are designed primarily for HR and Security leaders but are open to anyone interested in building stronger emotional firewalls.

  • Emotional Preparedness: Friday, October 13
  • Emotional Resilience: Friday, October 20
  • Emotional Readiness: Friday, October 27

During each event, you will:

  • Engage in a live, simulated social engineering scenario.
  • Participate in group discussions to deepen your understanding.
  • Reflect on key emotional intelligence markers.


Limited Seats Available

Seize this opportunity to walk away with a practical foundation in emotional resilience—tools and strategies you can implement immediately to defend against social engineering threats.

Hey, I'm Nadja!

From early on in my career, I recognized the immense potential of Emotional Intelligence (EQ) as a tool for resilience and empowerment. My journey took me through a fascinating landscape where technology meets human behavior, working with NATO to help safeguard digital frontiers. And just like a firewall protects a network, I realized emotional firewalls could protect the very people operating these networks..

My passion for EQ is not just academic; it's deeply personal and practical. I've spent years not only studying EQ but also applying it to real-world challenges, especially in the digital landscape we navigate every day. As a thought leader in this domain, I'm excited to share this wisdom with you. Together, we can build your emotional firewalls, making both your professional and personal life more resilient to the social engineering challenges of our digital age.

Whether you're a security expert, HR professional, or simply someone interested in human resilience in the digital world, I look forward to embarking on this transformative journey with you.

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  • Engage in Crisis Management: Navigate a live-action scenario to tackle an emerging phishing attack and its implications for your business.

  • Develop Immediate & Long-Term Strategies: Craft actionable plans to bolster your business's defenses against cyber threats.

  • Insightful Group Debrief: Share valuable insights and distill key lessons from interactive exercises.

  • Harness Emotional Intelligence: Explore the integration of Emotional Firewalls with IT security to enhance organizational cyber resilience.

  • Enhance Crisis Response: Apply Emotional Firewalls in real-time to improve the efficacy of your company's response to cyber incidents.

  • Strengthen Technical Defenses: Solidify your cybersecurity with critical IT measures, emphasizing the human element in tech solutions.

  • Champion Cyber Resilience: Promote a culture of resilience within your business, preparing for and mitigating social engineering risks.

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