Emergency Executive Resilience Sessions


Immediate, Specialized Guidance for Executive Leaders Navigating High-Stakes Challenges

Why Emergency Resilience Sessions?


In a world that demands rapid decisions and intense emotional investment, leaders often find themselves at the eye of the storm. These Emergency Resilience Sessions offer immediate, targeted guidance to help you fortify your emotional firewalls when you need it most.

What You'll Get

Focused Attention

One-on-one online 60-minute consultations with Nadja.

Tailored to You

Scheduled to meet your urgent needs within your industry.

Specialized Solutions

Tailored strategies to solve your specific challenge.

Resilience Toolkit

A takeaway resource to sustain your resilience journey.

Philipp Wachholz

Chief Marketing Officer, McDonald's Belgium


Nadja has an outstanding ability to not only adapt to company cultures quickly but adding substantially value to an organization after a very short time. Her broad experience in combination with fast thinking and a high level of empathy are key drivers behind her success. I can only highly recommend Nadja as a professional Entrepreneur, but also an individual with a great character, who can make any team substantially stronger.

Why Trust Nadja El Fertasi?


With years of experience in building emotional resilience in the digital age, Nadja has worked extensively with C-suite leaders to navigate the complex challenges that come with leadership. Her unique approach fuses emotional intelligence with cybersecurity concepts, creating a holistic strategy for success.

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European Cyber Security Organization (ECSO)

Arnaud de Vibraye


On 29  June, ECSO's European HR community came together for the workshop "Attracting Cyber Talent: Bridging the Gap in Cybersecurity with Emotional Intelligence', where ECSO had the honour of welcoming Nadja El Fertasi, founder of Thrive with EQ, to share her expertise. With her rich understanding of cyber resilience and building emotional firewalls, Nadja provided the attendees with the knowledge and techniques to work towards a stronger cyber-resilient culture within their organisations.



Emergency Coaching Session


per session

  • A survey prior to our session to capture your strategic objectives, and coaching needs.
  • A 60-minute coaching call focused on building immediate resilience strategies.
  • An actionable strategy plan provided post-call for practical implementation.
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Secure your leadership advantage in crisis situations with our targeted Emergency Resilience Session. Fast-track your ability to respond with composure and strategic insight when it matters most.

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