Episode 8 - Feedback That Fosters Growth: Building Resilient Teams in Healthcare & STEM

We explore the challenges faced by healthcare and STEM leaders when providing negative feedback to their team members in this thought-provoking episode. Using the innovative Elevator method and emotional intelligence tools, Nadja demonstrates how difficult conversations can be made more productive and effective by viewing situations from multiple perspectives. Foster a receptive environment for feedback by balancing self-regard, developing emotional self-awareness, and communicating empathically and assertively.

The importance of timing and the ability to leverage interpersonal relationships to foster growth in both professional and personal life is also discussed. Discover how to use change champions to drive organization-wide initiatives by involving team members in the solution-finding process. Learn how to manage the potential consequences of negative feedback at the systemic level as we share valuable insights and practical strategies.

This episode is packed with actionable advice that can benefit not only healthcare and STEM leaders but also leaders in any industry looking to improve their communication skills and foster a more resilient team. Tune in to "Navigating Negative Feedback: Emotional Intelligence for STEM Leaders" and transform the way you approach feedback and team communication in your organization.

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