Episode 10 - Overcoming Gender Bias in the Boardroom: A Female CISO's Guide to Emotional Intelligence

Welcome to another episode of the EQ Elevator podcast. In this episode, we address the challenges faced by Victoria, a female Chief Information Security Officer (CISO) in the financial services industry, who feels she is not taken seriously by the Board of Directors. Many women and men in similar positions can resonate with her experience of gender bias, stereotypes, and self-doubt. We will discuss practical strategies for overcoming these challenges by leveraging emotional intelligence, effective communication, and stakeholder engagement.

Join us as we explore the EQ Elevator concept and its five floors to help Victoria and others in similar situations navigate leadership challenges in the STEM industry. Learn how to build trust and confidence with the board, create a stakeholder engagement plan, and develop the emotional intelligence needed to communicate effectively in high-stress environments.

This episode will provide valuable insights for any female CISO or professional facing gender bias in the workplace, offering guidance on overcoming these barriers and achieving success. Discover how to manage invisible fears and stressors, communicate security issues in a way that resonates with the board, and build relationships outside the boardroom to gain support for your initiatives.

Tune in to this empowering episode and transform your approach to leadership challenges in the STEM industry with emotional intelligence.


Learn more about the resources available for navigating these challenges at https://thrivewitheq.com.

Link to Stakeholder Engagement and Communication Plan Blog: https://www.thrivewitheq.com/blog/stakeholder-analysis


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