Episode 14 - The Balancing Act: CIO-CTO Collaboration for Trailblazing STEM Innovation

In this episode, we explore the dynamics between CIOs and CTOs, whose roles often seem to be at odds. The key to fostering a harmonious and effective working relationship lies in applying the EQ elevator approach. By focusing on aspects such as functional self-regard, empathy, neutral observation, the business bottom line, and the macro environment, you can better understand each other's needs in a more constructive framework, reduce conflicting interests, and work together to achieve the organization's goals.

Discover how to transform potential tensions into a creative and collaborative dynamic. Nadja explains practical exercises and reflections to help CIOs and CTOs find common ground, embrace their shared challenges, and ultimately create a higher quality of their partnership at work. Don't miss this insightful episode that aims to strengthen the collaboration between these vital roles for the benefit of the entire organization.

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