Episode 18 - Bury the Buzzword: How Not Talking About 'Security' Builds Stronger Defenses

In today's episode of our podcast titled 'Bury the Buzzword: How Not Talking About 'Security' Builds Stronger Defenses', we explore a fresh and somewhat provocative perspective on cybersecurity. We argue that building a healthy cyber risk culture doesn't always start with talking about 'security'. Instead, it begins with understanding emotions, effective communication, and leveraging emotional intelligence within the context of your organization's unique landscape. We delve into the importance of acknowledging and managing feelings of frustration and other emotions that can arise in high-pressure security environments.

We then discuss the value of empathetic communication and relating cybersecurity to core values of individuals in the C-suite. You'll also learn about an EQ Elevator framework and how it can be used as a tool for understanding and communicating cyber risk more effectively. This includes a detailed examination of how to communicate potential cyber risks to various departments in a language they understand and care about. So, are you ready to shift your cybersecurity paradigm and foster a more resilient organization? If so, this episode is just for you. Tune in, and let's change the way we view 'security' to create a healthier cyber risk culture together.

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