Episode 19 - Wendy Battles: Inspiring Women of All Ages to Thrive in Cybersecurity and Beyond

Join us on a journey of empowerment and inspiration in this engaging episode as we sit down with Wendy Battles, Cybersecurity Awareness Expert at Yale University, Podcast Host and change-maker dedicated to breaking barriers and fostering growth for women of all ages in the cybersecurity field. Wendy offers a powerful perspective on self-belief, the value of feedback, and the power of inner wisdom that will resonate with all women - whether they're just starting their career journey or looking for a fresh chapter in midlife.

With her combination of personal stories, practical advice, and infectious energy, she ignites a conversation about the limitless potential that lies within us, no matter our age. From the importance of a 'reinvention dream team' to the concept of self-permission, this episode offers insightful guidance for women seeking to rise, shine, and make their unique mark in the world.

Listen in and discover the inspiration to believe in yourself, dream bigger, and fully embrace your talents and gifts!