Episode 23 - How Emotional Intelligence Enhances Leadership & Decision-Making with Dr. Alexander Stein

In this compelling episode of the EQ Elevator podcast, we dive into the multifaceted world of emotional intelligence, decision-making, and leadership, particularly within the realm of STEM fields and hybrid working environments. The conversation is enriched by our distinguished guest, Dr. Alexander Stein, founder of Dolus Advisors.

In the episode, Dr. Stein shares his insights into how emotions drive decisions, the importance of emotional intelligence in leadership, and the subtle integration of emotional understanding in the workplace. We explore the hybrid work model, emphasizing the balance between in-office and remote work, and the essential role of authenticity and empathy in fostering a healthy work environment. Whether you're a leader striving for more effective decision-making, an individual interested in human behavior, or someone navigating the complexity of today's business landscapes, this episode is packed with wisdom.

Dr. Stein's deep expertise offers a unique perspective, bridging the gap between psychology and business. Join us as we explore these timely topics, enriched by Dr. Stein's unique understanding and experience. This conversation promises to elevate your thinking and provide practical tools to navigate the ever-shifting world in the digital era. Dr. Stein is at the helm of Dolus Advisors, a bespoke consultancy that offers more than traditional business consulting.

With a distinct focus on CEOs, senior management teams, corporate directors, and founders, Dolus Advisors penetrates the complexity of organizational issues involving profound psychological foundations. Through actionable insights, incisive analysis, and practical counsel, Dr. Stein and his team enhance critical decision-making, manage and mitigate risks, and unravel intricate human-factor problems. By leveraging deep expertise in human decision-making, motivation, and behavior, Dolus Advisors offers an understanding and resolution of organizational challenges beyond the capabilities of conventional business consulting.

For more on their cutting-edge approach, visit www.dolusadvisors.com.