Episode 25: Navigating the Digital Frontier: Antony Cousins on Humanity's Relationship with Artificial Intelligence

In a world where artificial intelligence intertwines with our daily lives, how do we ensure that the human spirit remains at its core?

Join Nadja El Fertasi as she hosts Antony Cousins, the Executive Director of AI Strategy at CISION and an esteemed Global Tech and AI Thought Leader.

Delve into a conversation that spans the realms of emotion, resilience, and digital innovation. Antony offers a unique window into how AI, when approached with awareness and intention, can elevate human potential. Explore the evolution of AI from mere tools to potential colleagues, the significance of maintaining a growth mindset amidst rapid technological shifts, and the profound power of empathy in this new age.

Listen in to learn, reflect, and embrace the transformative union of AI and human potential in this thought-provoking episode.

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