Build your Emotional Firewalls So Strong, and Make Scammers Think Twice! 


Strengthen your defense against online scams with our customized online course that pairs emotional smarts with essential cyber safety tactics. Learn to spot and stop cyber threats with a clear mind and a sharp eye.

Stop Scams

In an era filled with online scams and deceptive tactics, your primary defense extends beyond technology to include emotional awareness and resilience.

Bridge the Gap

Traditional cybersecurity methods often overlook a vital part: integrating the human element is key to a comprehensive defense.

Emotional Firewalls

The missing piece in cybersecurity training is developing emotional firewalls, essential for defense against cybercriminals targeting human emotions.

Unmatched Customization in Cyber Resilience Training 


STEP 1: Pick Your Scenario

Opt from a list of uniquely crafted scenarios, each targeting a specific social engineering challenge through the lens of emotional intelligence.

STEP 2: Customize Content

Choose among three tailored options—Script Only, Script + Animated Scenario, or Script + Animated Scenario + Video Lecture—to align with your learning needs.

STEP 3: Specify Your Context

Choose your industry, select your function/role, and identify your persona for a truly personalized experience.

Sample List of Social Engineering Scenarios

Phishing Attacks

Challenge: Employees receiving deceptive emails attempting to collect sensitive information.

Impact: Potential loss of critical business information, financial loss, and erosion of trust.

Solution: Building emotional firewalls through training that enhances awareness and skepticism. Employees learn to recognize cues and triggers that make an email "feel" wrong, engaging both logic and emotion.


Challenge: Unauthorized individuals gaining physical access to restricted areas by following employees.

Impact: Security breaches, theft of physical and digital assets.

Solution: Cultivating an emotional firewall that creates a culture of politely challenging unfamiliar faces. This emotional resilience empowers employees to question without fear of awkwardness.


Challenge: Offering something enticing to the employees to install malicious software.

Impact: Network compromise, data leaks, ransomware attacks.

Solution: Emotional firewalls should instill a sense of skepticism and encourage double-checking before downloading anything, even if it appears attractive.

Quick Pro Quo Attacks

Challenge: Highly targeted phishing attack focused on specific employees.

Impact: High, as these attacks are often very convincing and can result in significant data loss.

Solution: Emotional firewalls can be strengthened through awareness training that includes real-world examples, teaching employees to always verify before acting on sensitive requests.

Watering Hole Attacks

Challenge: Compromising websites frequently visited by employees.

Impact: Multiple systems could get infected, leading to a larger network compromise.

Solution: Instilling a balanced emotional firewall that mixes vigilance with common sense, teaching employees to look for red flags even in familiar digital terrains.

CEO Fraud/Impersonation

Challenge: Attackers impersonate top executives to trick employees into transferring money or disclosing sensitive data.

Impact: Significant financial loss, erosion of trust within the organization.

Solution: Building an emotional firewall where employees are trained to double-check and validate any extraordinary requests from executives by using a separate, secure method of communication.

Vishing (Voice Phishing)

Challenge: Employees receive phone calls from attackers posing as trusted entities, asking for confidential information.

Impact: Unauthorized access to sensitive data or systems, financial loss.

Solution: Cultivate emotional firewalls that train employees to be as cautious on the phone as they are with email. Develop the emotional resilience to say "no" and confirm requests through another channel.


Challenge: Scammers create a fabricated scenario to manipulate employees into divulging sensitive information or granting physical access to secure areas.

Impact: Risk of unauthorized data access, identity theft, and financial fraud.

Solution: Train employees to always verify the identity of individuals making unusual requests and to consult with superiors or colleagues when in doubt.



Whaling Attacks

Challenge: A specialized form of phishing that targets high-ranking executives.

Impact: Financial loss and the potential exposure of vast amounts of sensitive data.

Solution: Emotional firewall training should focus on high-ranking executives, making them aware that they are prime targets and should double-verify any unsolicited requests.

Tech Support Scam

Challenge: Attackers pose as tech support agents claiming that the user has an issue with their computer.

Impact: Installation of malware, loss of personal or financial data.

Solution: Emotional firewalls should empower employees to question and validate the credentials of anyone claiming to offer technical support.

Emotional Firewalls Training Is For You If…

  • You're Concerned About Rising Social Engineering Attacks: The landscape of cyber threats is evolving, with over 90% of all cyber-attacks commencing with some form of social engineering. Equip your team with the tools to recognize and neutralize these threats.
  • You Face Challenges in Employee Awareness: It's not enough to have the best technical defenses if your human element remains vulnerable. Address this by educating your workforce in a way that sticks.
  • You Want a Comprehensive, Yet Customizable Solution: One size doesn't fit all when it comes to cybersecurity. Our training is customized to various industries and roles, ensuring maximum impact and relevance to your specific challenges.
  • You Seek to Close the Emotional and Psychological Gaps: Traditional cybersecurity overlooks the human emotional factor. Our pioneering approach integrates emotional intelligence to build "emotional firewalls," making your team the strongest link in your defense chain.
  • You're Interested in Proactive Cyber Resilience: Don't wait for an attack to test your defenses. Build resilience by proactively training your team, thereby minimizing potential financial and reputational losses.

By investing in Emotional Firewalls Training, you're not just purchasing another cybersecurity course. You're investing in a holistic solution that marries emotional intelligence with cybersecurity, equipping your organization with a robust, multi-dimensional defense mechanism. It's your pathway towards a more secure, resilient, and effective business operation.


Countering Social Engineering Scams

Pick and Choose your Plan!


Price On Demand

  • Customized Course Script: Tailored to your selected scenario.
  • In-Depth Case Studies: Real-world examples to ground your learning.
  • Quizzes: Test your understanding of key concepts.
  • Defining Social Engineering: Understand its emotional facets.
  • Emotional Triggers: Learn which are commonly exploited.
  • Emotional Intelligence: The key to understanding social engineering.
  • Resource Recommendations: Curated articles, books, and tools.
  • Build Your Emotional Firewalls: Practical steps to emotional resilience.
  • Practical Exercises: Identify different social engineering tactics.


Download Sample


Price On Demand

  • Animated Scenario Videos: Visually engaging learning modules.
  • Detailed Case Analysis: Grounding your understanding through real-life examples.
  • Knowledge Checks: Quizzes to reinforce your learning.
  • Exploring Social Engineering: Grasp its emotional aspects.
  • Common Emotional Pitfalls: Know what scammers look for.
  • The Role of Emotional Intelligence: Decipher the hidden layers of social engineering.
  • Curated Resource List: Selected articles, readings, and instruments.
  • Strengthen Your Emotional Defenses: Concrete approaches to fortifying your resilience.




Price On Demand

  • Video Lectures: Comprehensive presentations tailored to your chosen social engineering scenario.
  • Case Study Insights: Concrete examples for contextual learning.
  • Knowledge Checks: Validate your understanding of core principles.
  • Commonly Targeted Triggers: Identification and mitigation.
  • Emotional Intelligence Applications: Strategic insights to counter social engineering.
  • Recommended Readings: Hand-picked resources to deepen your learnings.
  • Practical Worksheets: Customized exercises to recognize social engineering tactics.




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