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Rita Knott, Managing Director, International Female Board Pool Initiative

"Nadja's workshop on IT Security and Protection against Cyber risks successfully linked emotional intelligence with Cybersecurity, making it a significant business impact."

Gregory Edwards, FEMA CISO

"The webinar on Emotional Intelligence and Resilience was perfectly executed; an amazing and talented presenter, highly recommended for agencies facing resilience challenges."

Linda McDermott, Conference Director PMI Ireland

"Nadja, a thought leader in cyber resilience and emotional firewalls, possesses a remarkable ability to connect with the audience and deliver powerful insights on resilience in today's digital landscape."


“The biggest change for me is that I now totally accept it can happen. And that doesn't sound like much but trust me, there is a fundamental difference in approach between organisations that accept it could happen and those that think they can repel it. Because if you think you can repel it, you do what we did before the attack, which is you have no adequate plans in place as to what you're going to do."


CEO of a $4 billion European company,



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of small and medium-sized enterprises shut down after cyberattacks. Can your business withstand this digital tempest?


is the average ransom paid to cybercriminals, twice the 2022 figure. Add to this $1.82M average in recovery costs. Are you ready to safeguard your assets?


of private sector companies have seen lost opportunities/revenue from ransomware. Don't let cyber threats chip away at your success.

Sara Chetoui, Président PMI Morocco

"I was impressed by Ms. Nadja El Fertasi's intervention during the webinar on cybersecurity and emotional intelligence. Her unparalleled expertise, passion, and ability to make complex concepts accessible truly resonated with our audience. She managed to create an engaging and interactive atmosphere, responding empathetically to our members' questions. In short, I highly recommend Ms. Nadja as a speaker for any event related to cybersecurity and emotional intelligence. Thank you for this memorable and enriching experience!"


Our 3-Step Proven System


High Preparedness

Strategic Leadership:

Enhance strategic foresight in your teams to proactively address cyber challenges, nurturing a growth-oriented culture that facilitates continuous learning and skill enhancement.

High Resiliency

Resilient Mindset:

Foster a culture that embraces change and uses emotional intelligence as a cornerstone for flexible leadership during uncertainty.


High Readiness

Flexible Leadership:

Equip your leaders with the emotional intelligence skills to navigate the dynamic cyber landscape, increasing agility and responsiveness across the workforce.


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Arnaud De Vibraye, ECSO

"Nadja provided invaluable knowledge and techniques for enhancing recruitment and retention strategies in cybersecurity using the EQ toolkit."

Philipp Wachholz, CMO, McDonald's Belgium

"Nadja adds substantial value to an organization with her broad experience and high level of empathy."

Denis Mercier, Deputy General Manager FIVES Group

"Nadja’s global vision and leadership in driving change through effective communication is highly recommendable for workforce development."


6 Different Ways We Can Help You


Our Emotional Firewalls Academy


Our Mission:

Empower your teams with Emotional Intelligence to enhance cyber awareness and foster a resilient, proactive work culture. Equip your organization with the essential skills needed to defend against cyber challenges effectively.

Empower your Workforce Against Social Engineering Scams

Equip your team with the skills to navigate digital scams through our online emotional resilience training, focusing on prevention and awareness.

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Custom-Designed Resilience against Social Engineering Scams

Experience resilience training crafted for your unique industry challenges, focusing on specific social engineering threats.

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Emotional Intelligence Training Corner


Our Mission:

Help your teams use Emotional Intelligence to improve cyber awareness and build a strong, active work culture. Give your organization the skills it needs to defend against cyber threats.


EQ Resilience for Teams

Empower your leadership and teams against digital challenges using emotional resilience. Navigate the digital age confidently with our 3-step system.

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EQ Resilience for IT Security Teams

Empower your IT security teams with our 7-week EQ Edge online program, designed to navigate the unique challenges of cybersecurity work environments.

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Emotional Intelligence Leadership Corner


Our Mission:

Help leaders understand cyber awareness using Emotional Intelligence to improve decisions, actions, and the organization's culture. Teach leaders the skills to manage stress, build resilience, and protect against cyber threats effectively.

Stress Management Coaching for Executives

Fast-Track Your Emotional Resilience to Navigate High-Stress Challenges

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The CISO's Sanctuary

A Safe Space for Stress Relief and Energy Management, Fast-Tracking Your Emotional Resilience to Navigate High-Stress Cyber Challenges.

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Mastering Challenging Times through Emotional Intelligence


With nearly two decades of experience in crisis management and security at NATO, the world's largest organization, my leadership skills have been refined to be exceptionally sharp. I've navigated through uncertainty, maintained effective communication under intense pressure, and innovatively resolved intricate challenges. In such demanding environments, a leader's impact on mindset, dialogue, and behavior is crucial.

My extensive experience in the civil-military sector, collaborating with individuals from over 40 countries, has uniquely equipped me to assist my clients in building resilient, high-performing teams. This experience is pivotal in guiding you to foster emotional intelligence and resilience within your teams. I am prepared to help you navigate through turbulent times, ensuring your leadership leads to enduring success.

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