Nadja El Fertasi Talks Social Engineering, Cyber Risk, and Emotional Firewalls on the Cyber Crime Junkies Podcast"

cyber security challenges emotional intelligence social engineering Jan 26, 2024

In this age of advanced technology, where machines are becoming increasingly intelligent, a paradox emerges: as our tools grow smarter, we, as humans, are often left more vulnerable. Social engineering – a burgeoning threat in our digital lives – is a testament to this irony. It's a complex challenge, deeply rooted in psychological and behavioral sciences. However, the twist lies in the simplicity of its execution.  

Criminals and scammers, though not experts in psychology, have honed their skills in exploiting basic human emotions. They tap into our loneliness to resonate with our pain points, leverage our stress to keep us constantly on edge, and abuse our trust to breach our defenses.

This is where the power of emotional intelligence becomes a game-changer. While it may not eliminate the risk of social engineering, it equips us with a robust toolkit to significantly reduce our susceptibility to these cunning manipulative techniques. 



I invite you to join me on the Cyber Crime Junkies Podcast, where hosts David Mauro and Mark Mosher and I dive deep into the concept of building 'emotional firewalls.' This is not just a discussion; it's an exploration into how bolstering our emotional resilience serves as a formidable ally against the artifices of digital deception.

Together, we unravel how cultivating a strong sense of self-awareness and emotional control can be a critical component in safeguarding our digital footprint. 

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