Six Weeks to Emotional Resilience: Transforming Leadership in the Digital Age


I'm here to guide you on a six-week journey, transforming the way you lead with emotional intelligence at the forefront against cyber challenges.

Rita Knott, Managing Director, International Female Board Pool Initiative


"We are a network of highly educated, board-active or board-ready women of the business community from many different industries and from both local and global organizations within six European countries.

The workshop about IT Security and Protection against Cyber risks for our (future) Board members, provided by Nadja El Fertasi from “Thrive with EQ” gave our members an in-depth knowledge and practical tools for this important topic. In particular, her approach to link emotional intelligence with Cybersecurity made the workshop a huge success with a significant business impact.

We gladly recommend the state-of the-art expertise and the highly professional approach of Nadja el Fertasi."

A Personal Invitation to Board Members


Your role is pivotal. As we navigate the digital era, your emotional resilience not only protects but also enhances your leadership, securing your company's future.

Elevate your strategic vision with emotional resilience, building a culture of strength and adaptability that thrives under pressure.


Why Emotional Intelligence Matters for You


  • Broadening Responsibilities: Your remit now includes safeguarding human capital against digital threats in a hybrid working environment.
  • Emotional Intelligence as Your Armor: Detect and neutralize social engineering cyber threats that slip past conventional defenses.
  • Leadership in Crisis: Lead with clarity and empathy during cyber crises, keeping morale and trust intact.

My Six-Week Coaching Program: A Tailored Approach


Designed exclusively for forward-thinking leaders like you, we'll focus on embedding emotional resilience into your leadership DNA, preparing you for the digital challenges ahead.

Program Pillars

Preparedness, Resilience, and Readiness



Master stress management and anticipate cyber challenges, aligning with your governance role.



Through real-world scenarios, enhance your digital navigation capabilities.



Refine governance skills for digital agility, ensuring confident leadership amidst disruptions.

Your Six-Week Journey 


Understanding Emotional Resilience

We begin by identifying your emotional strengths and vulnerabilities. Discover how these can shape your response to cyber threats, setting the foundation for resilient leadership.


Emotional Resilience & Cybersecurity

Learn to apply your emotional intelligence to strengthen your defenses against cyber threats. We'll explore how resilience can maintain business continuity and lead to effective crisis management.


Building Your EQ Toolkit for Cyber Resilience

We'll delve into techniques for rapid recovery from cyber incidents, blending emotional resilience with strategic cyber defense mechanisms.


Emotional Intelligence in Anticipating Threats

Sharpen your foresight with emotional intelligence, enhancing your ability to anticipate and prepare for cyber threats before they strike.


Governance Strengthened by Emotional Resilience

Incorporate emotional resilience into your governance approach. Learn how this integration can safeguard your organization from digital disruptions, ensuring agile and confident decision-making.


Team Cohesion Through Emotional Intelligence

Harness the power of emotional intelligence to foster a unified board and executive team. This week focuses on leveraging EQ to maintain team cohesion and collective resilience against digital challenges.


Bonus: Your Personal EQ Playbook

Conclude your journey with a comprehensive playbook that merges security insights with a flexible, adaptive leadership style, equipping you to navigate the digital age with confidence.

Why Embark on This Journey with Me?



Drawing from my two decades of experience at the intersection of cybersecurity and emotional intelligence, I offer a program uniquely tailored to the needs of board members. This journey will not only prepare you for the digital challenges ahead but will empower you to lead with unwavering confidence and resilience.

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Program Highlights

  • Comprehensive Emotional Intelligence Assessment.
  • Personalized 1:1 Coaching Sessions.
  • Detailed Progress Tracking & Reporting.
  • Continuous Post-Program Support.
  • Certificate of Completion.
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