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Gregory Edwards, FEMA CISO

"The webinar on Emotional Intelligence and Resilience was perfectly executed; an amazing and talented presenter, highly recommended for agencies facing resilience challenges."

Linda McDermott, Conference Director PMI Ireland

"Nadja, a thought leader in cyber resilience and emotional firewalls, possesses a remarkable ability to connect with the audience and deliver powerful insights on resilience in today's digital landscape."

Rita Knott, Managing Director, International Female Board Pool Initiative

"Nadja's workshop on IT Security and Protection against Cyber risks successfully linked emotional intelligence with Cybersecurity, making it a significant business impact."

Arnaud De Vibraye, ECSO

"Nadja provided invaluable knowledge and techniques for enhancing recruitment and retention strategies in cybersecurity using the EQ toolkit."

Laurie Dufays, World Savings Bank Institution:

"Our members learned new approaches to stress management and problem-solving in cyber events from Thrive with EQ’s services."

Philipp Wachholz, CMO, McDonald's Belgium

"Nadja adds substantial value to an organization with her broad experience and high level of empathy."

Denis Mercier, Deputy General Manager FIVES Group

"Nadja’s global vision and leadership in driving change through effective communication is highly recommendable for workforce development."

Ana Aelenei, German Marshall Fund of the United States

"Nadja helped our members become better decision-makers and increase their impact in their communities."

Muddassar Ahmed, Unitas Communications

"Nadja's presentation on the impact of emotions on decision-making was fascinating, with a real-life cybersecurity scenario designed and facilitated."


Sara Chetoui, Presidente PMI Morocco

"I was impressed by Ms. Nadja El Fertasi's intervention during the webinar on cybersecurity and emotional intelligence. Her unparalleled expertise, passion, and ability to make complex concepts accessible truly resonated with our audience. She managed to create an engaging and interactive atmosphere, responding empathetically to our members' questions. In short, I highly recommend Ms. Nadja as a speaker for any event related to cybersecurity and emotional intelligence. Thank you for this memorable and enriching experience!"

Benedetta Berti, PhD, NATO

"Nadja continues to impress with her creativity and leadership, highly recommended for building a thriving workforce."

Anne Leslie, IBM Security

"Nadja's developmental capabilities are key to building better cyber defenses, enhancing individual and collective outcomes."

Abderrazak Hamzaoui, PMI Morocco Chapter

Nadja brilliantly combined cybersecurity and emotional intelligence (EQ), providing an excellent and generous experience."

Manon Verdiesen, InstinKct

"Nadja's empathy and questioning techniques have been invaluable in my growth as an entrepreneur."

Mark De Herdt, McDonald's Belgium

"Nadja is an intelligent, professional, and empathic communicator, greatly assisting in HR projects and spreading positivity."

Sue Lemm, PMP - Project Manager

"Nadja's explanation of EQ and its application is essential for both business and education, providing clarity and actionable strategies."