I am on a mission to elevate leadership skills in businesses through emotional intelligence and resilience strategies.

My Story...



I was taught early on by society and at school that there is no place for big dreams for people like me, a daughter of an immigrant. What I learned early on in life is that, while it is true that often we are our own biggest limit in life, the lack of resilience in pushing through the emotional roller coaster we feel when reaching for the stars will keep us small. So I listened to that little voice inside that knew I could break brick walls and do anything I set my mind to. Along the way, I faced challenges, hurdles, and opportunities which all contributed to where I am today: the proud Founder of Thrive with EQ and obsessed with emotional resilience. 

I spent nearly two decades at NATO, the world's largest crisis management and security organization, where we were either in conflict or being prepared to be in conflict. This level of preparedness, resilience, and readiness is what I bring into my mission. At NATO, I had the privilege to work with people from over 40 countries, at all levels, which helped me master the art of stakeholder engagement and emotional intelligence. 

This valuable experience harnessed over two decades I use to design, develop, and deliver emotional resilience immersive experiences through a 3-step test and tried system of preparedness, resilience, and readiness. I use emotional intelligence as a bridge to harmonize the technical discipline of cybersecurity with the emotional resilience of human behavior under pressure, based on my practical experience. 

A proud mommy and founder moment when I was selected to be part of the book “Hacking Gender Barriers: Europe’s Top Cyber Women” featuring 100+ influential women in cybersecurity across Europe by the Women4Cyber foundation. 

I am a mathematical disaster, but I am a lover of cultures and languages and am fluent in Dutch, English, French, spoken Arabic, with a good understanding of Italian and German. 

My top character signature strengths surveyed by the VIA Character Institute are Creativity, Kindness, Bravery, Social Intelligence, Perspective, Humor, and Curiosity.

I am dedicated to leveraging my three decades of learning, experience, and insight for your benefit. My mission is to guide you in developing emotional intelligence and cultivating resilient leadership. This approach is designed to ensure that both you and your team are equipped to adapt and thrive amidst the challenges of the digital age, maintaining strength without succumbing to the pressures.

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Guiding Star of Resilience


At Thrive with EQ, we chart a course where resilience and emotional intelligence are the touchstones of modern leadership, guiding businesses through the uncharted territories of the digital age. Our mission is not only to build emotional firewalls for protection but to nourish the human spirit, enabling leaders and teams to thrive even in the face of adversity. By intertwining emotional intelligence into our approach to digital challenges, we're not merely safeguarding data; we're fostering human resilience and well-being. Our vision transcends traditional barriers; we're cultivating an environment where resilience and emotional intelligence anchor our shared digital future.

Our Core Values 


In a world of myriad choices, I anchor myself in compassion. Challenging times call for leadership that upholds humanity at its core, asserting that compassion is not a liability but a strength.


Leading in tumultuous times demands the bravery to uphold what's right, not necessarily what's convenient. It is bravery that allows us to confront uncertainty and persist amidst unsettling change.


Our pursuit is collaborative excellence with our clients, not just aiming for perfection. Together, we address your business performance dilemmas with our bespoke EQ toolkit.


Respected leaders radiate trust and admiration through their unwavering integrity. An emotionally astute leader stands by doing what is right, especially when faced with adversity.


The remedy to ambiguity is transparency. It is the bedrock upon which trust, credibility, and effective execution in our client relationships are built.


While we are committed to our mission, we don't forget to add a dash of light-heartedness. Our training is not only enriching but also enjoyable, ensuring our clients keep returning for more.

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