6-Week Transformation Coaching Program: Aligned Leadership for C-Suite Executives


I am here to guide you through a journey to develop a unified front against cyber challenges, with emotional intelligence leading the way.

In today's fast-changing digital world, effective leadership goes beyond just strategy. It requires emotional resilience: the power to turn challenges into the very foundations of your and your organization's strength.

As a C-Suite executive, you do more than make decisions; you guide your team through digital uncertainties with clarity and strength. My mission is to help you develop emotional resiliency skills, transforming vulnerabilities into unparalleled strengths.

The Challenges at Hand 

  • Accelerated Technological Change: Stay ahead of the relentless pace of innovation while leading your team with confidence.
  • Navigating Burnout: Combat the burnout endemic to high-stress roles by cultivating deep emotional resilience.
  • Leading Through Uncertainty: Maintain your composure and provide clear, consistent direction amid the digital era's unpredictability.
  • Balanced Decision-Making: Leverage emotional intelligence to empathize effectively while making tough decisions.
  • Innovation vs. Disruption: Foster an environment where innovation thrives, navigating through digital disruptions with emotional intelligence at your helm.

How I Can Help You...


Over six transformative weeks, we'll explore how emotional intelligence can redefine your leadership. This journey is designed to empower you to navigate corporate complexities and personal stressors, reinforcing resilience through Preparedness, Resilience, and Readiness—key stages in your path to leading with emotional fortitude.

Here's how the journey looks like...



Equip yourself to preemptively tackle the complex challenges emerging from the digital landscape, ensuring your strategies are as dynamic as the environment around you.


Enhance your leadership by transforming adversity into an opportunity for growth and strength, reinforcing the resilience of both yourself and your organization.



Refine your risk management with emotional intelligence, ensuring your team’s agility and your organization’s sustained responsiveness to change.

Philipp Wachholz

Chief Marketing Officer, McDonald's Belgium


Nadja has an outstanding ability to not only adapt to company cultures quickly but adding substantially value to an organization after a very short time. Her broad experience in combination with fast thinking and a high level of empathy are key drivers behind her success. I can only highly recommend Nadja as a professional Entrepreneur, but also an individual with a great character, who can make any team substantially stronger.

Your Six-Week Executive Online Coaching Journey



WEEK 1  

Embracing Emotional Intelligence in Leadership

Discover how your unique emotional strengths can refine your leadership style, making you adept at steering through the digital landscape.


Leveraging EQ for Resilient Leadership

Infuse your leadership toolkit with Emotional Intelligence, preparing you to meet the digital age's challenges with poise and foresight.


Cultivating Personal and Team Resilience

Strategize to build a resilient culture within yourself and your teams, a necessity for success in high-stress, digital settings.


Emotional Agility in Decision-Making

Use Emotional Intelligence to develop proactive leadership skills, enabling agile and strategic responses to any challenge.


Strengthening Organizational Resilience

Integrate Emotional Intelligence strategies across your organization, fortifying it against the impacts of digital disruptions.


Unifying Teams with Emotional Resilience

Foster a collaborative team environment grounded in Emotional Intelligence, enhancing collective resilience and drive.


Emotional Resilience Playbook 

Equip yourself with the tools to cultivate a resilience-centered culture, adopt adaptive leadership techniques, and manage complexity with grace.

Why choose to work with me?


With my experience guiding leaders across more than 40 countries in both the private and public sectors, coupled with a deep passion for emotional intelligence, I bring a nuanced understanding of the interplay between emotional resilience and digital leadership challenges. This program is crafted for you—the modern C-Suite executive—aiming to fortify your leadership with emotional resilience.Are you ready to embrace the future's challenges with emotional resilience?

Let's begin this transformative journey together.


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Laurie Dufays

Head of Institutional Relations with Africa, World Savings Bank Institution

"Our members learned new ways of approaching stress management, problem-solving, and decision-making while navigating a disruptive cyber event. I certainly recommend Thrive with EQ’s services for any organization that is looking to exercise collaboration and be prepared against the inevitable cyber disruptions of the digital age."


Program Highlights

  • Emotional Intelligence Assessment.
  • Personalized 1:1 Coaching.
  • Tracking & Reporting.
  •  Post-Program Support.
  • Certificate of Completion.
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