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Elevate Stress Management, Problem-Solving & Decision-Making Skills with Emotional Intelligence

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Muddassar Ahmed

Managing Partner at Unitas Communications, Founder & President of John Adams Society

"She provided a fascinating presentation on how emotions impact your ability to make decisions, solve problems, handle stress, be flexible and agile in an age of disruption. She designed and facilitated a real-life cybersecurity scenario with personality types across generations, cultures, backgrounds, and sectors."


Harness the Power of Emotional Intelligence: Tailored Scenarios for Cohesive Teams

In today’s hybrid working environment, the challenge isn't merely navigating the cyber landscape but building resilient, cohesive teams that can thrive amid disruption. Our workshops are engineered to empower leaders at all levels with the emotional tools to transform digital challenges into opportunities for growth.

Sailor: Team Resilience Training

Equip your teams with the emotional intelligence tools to foster resilience, enhancing collaboration and cohesion across your organization.

Master: Decision-Making Under Pressure

Empower your management to navigate the unpredictable seas of the digital age, cultivating a culture of readiness and adaptability.

Captain: C-Suite Leadership for the Digital Era

Sharpen your C-suite’s leadership skills with targeted EQ training, building a resilient organizational culture fit for our interconnected world.

The Resilient Trio: Sailor, Master, Captain


Together, they form a synergy that transforms your organization into a stronghold of resilience, capable of thriving in the unpredictable tides of digital disruption. Our workshops, anchored in the EQ-i 2.0 model, are tailored to equip every level of your organization with the knowledge and skills to navigate challenges with emotional intelligence.


Ana Aelenei

Head of Leadership and Democracy Initiatives, German Marshall Fund of the United States

"Through a mix of cyber crisis simulations, role play, presentations on how emotions impact the ability to make decisions, and one-on-one coaching, Nadja helped our members become better decision-makers and increase their impact in their communities. I strongly recommend her to any organization that works on leadership development."

Mastering Challenging Times through Emotional Intelligence   


As a Human Resilience Expert and former NATO senior executive with nearly 20 years of experience, I'm passionate about empowering STEM leaders to navigate digital disruptions. My holistic approach combines crisis management, strategic stakeholder engagement, and emotional intelligence. I design and facilitate resilience strategies using the EQ-i 2.0 model and Values in Action Character Institute surveys.

Fluent in multiple languages and experienced in working with over 40 countries, I foster trust among diverse global stakeholders. My accomplishments include leading cyber leadership webinars for the World Savings Banking Institute and co-chairing a GLOBSEC 2019 Bratislava Forum side event. Having worked for two decades at the world's largest crisis management and security organizations, I'm well-equipped to help STEM teams thrive in challenging times.

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