Episode 19 - Wendy Battles: Inspiring Women of All Ages to Thrive in Cybersecurity and Beyond

Join us on a journey of empowerment and inspiration in this engaging episode as we sit down with Wendy Battles, Cybersecurity Awareness Expert at Yale University, Podcast Host and change-maker dedicated to breaking barriers and fostering growth for women of all ages in the cybersecurity field. Wendy offers a powerful perspective on self-belief, the value of feedback, and the power of inner wisdom that will resonate with all women - whether they're just starting their career journey or looking for a fresh chapter in midlife.

With her combination of personal stories, practical advice, and infectious energy, she ignites a conversation about the limitless potential that lies within us, no matter our age. From the importance of a 'reinvention dream team' to the concept of self-permission, this episode offers insightful guidance for women seeking to rise, shine, and make their unique mark in the world.

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