Episode 24: Scams, Trust, and Emotional Resilience: A Deep Dive into Modern Fraud Protection with Mark Batchelor

In this enlightening episode, we unravel the complex world of scams, fraud, and digital deception, from crypto scams to pension fraud. Our guest, Mark Batchelor, Senior Director, Programs and Outreach at Better Business Bureau Institute for Marketplace Trust, reveals eye-opening insights into the demographics most affected by fraud and how scammers are evolving to reach their targets. Together, we explore the vital role of emotional resilience and mindfulness in protecting ourselves from falling victim to scams. With a blend of practical advice and psychological perspectives, this episode empowers listeners to develop a skeptical and vigilant approach without losing their inherent trust in others.

Whether you're tech-savvy or just starting to navigate the digital landscape, this conversation will equip you with the tools and understanding to safeguard your financial and emotional well-being. Find resources, report scams, and learn more at https://www.bbbmarketplacetrust.org.

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