Episode 26: Digital Heartbeats: Immersive Learning and Emotional Firewalls, a Conversation with Guido Helmerhorst

Join Nadja El Fertasi of "Thrive with EQ" and Guido Helmerhorst, Co-Founder of Warp VR, as they bridge the worlds of emotional intelligence and immersive learning. In "Digital Heartbeats", we venture into the heart of the digital age, where the power of virtual experiences melds with the wisdom of emotional resilience. Delve deep into discussions on how to build "emotional firewalls" in the vast online realm, while also harnessing the transformative nature of immersive learning at scale. As we navigate this interconnected world, the insights shared here are not just for C-suite leaders but for anyone eager to understand the future of education, connection, and digital well-being. 

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