#33 - Navigating Shadows: Unveiling the Dark Web's Impact on Cybersecurity with Mary D’Angelo

In our latest episode of "Navigating Shadows," we delve into the murky depths of the dark web and its intricate role in cybersecurity threats and defenses. Join us as we welcome Mary D'Angelo, a renowned dark web and threat intelligence expert, to shed light on a topic that captivates and concerns businesses across the globe. Together, we explore the financial motivations behind malicious insider threats, the challenges of intelligence sharing in the business sector, and the critical importance of fostering a culture of open dialogue and empathy within organizations to counteract the often sophisticated tactics of cybercriminals. Mary shares her firsthand experiences and insights into how businesses can better protect themselves and their stakeholders by understanding the dark web's ecosystem. We also discuss the power of collaboration and education in creating a more secure digital landscape, emphasizing the need for a cultural and mindset shift towards greater transparency and shared intelligence. Whether you're a business leader, cybersecurity professional, or simply intrigued by the complexities of the digital age, this episode offers valuable perspectives on protecting society from the dark web's threats. Discover practical advice, strategies for insider threat mitigation, and the significance of psychological safety in cybersecurity. Tune in to "Navigating Shadows" to uncover the hidden aspects of the dark web and learn how we can collectively enhance our digital resilience. Connect with us and our guest, Mary D'Angelo, as we navigate the shadows together, striving for a safer digital world for all.